cvs pharmacy -
las vegas


To Produce various store décor and graphics elements to meet the Las Vegas City environment. Graphics were designed by Chute Gerdeman Design, Coulmbus OH. Millennium was assigned to fabricate, engineer and recommend materials to meet the visual designed criteria.



Main Circular wall was designed to replica a Camera Lens. DG provided a unique material to simulate the lenses with 3D effect and Graphics. Combination of Neon and Thick 3D letters were implemented to emphasis main category of stores. Various other banners and ceiling mounted décor and graphics elements were used to enhance the environment.



A unique new look and experience for CVS shoppers in Las Vegas. Complete Décor package with installation achieved within budget. Recommendation of various cost effective material. A complete fabrication and installation program.

CVS Las Vegas

  • Large Wall wrapped with 3D Graphics elements to simulate Camera Lens

  • Neon and 3D Foam Letters

  • Ceiling hung Inkjet printed banners and graphics